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Our classes are offered at recreation centers and community centers around Colorado and Chyenne WY. Check out our upcoming class schedule for more information. If you cannot find a class near you drop us a note and let us know.

Each facility has their own pricing structure based on their internal process. We work with the facility to come up with appropriate pricing based on their costs and the classes they are offering. Please check your facilities website for more information.

You will pay for your class when you register through your recreation center or community center.

Your instructor will provide all of the materials and supplies needed for your class.

Classes are designed to build on skills learned in the previous week. Your instructor will do their best to bring you up to speed on any information you miss.

We are partnered with recreation and community centers throughout Colorado; if you don’t see a class offered near you drop us a note through our Submit a Question link and suggest a class and or location.

You can request a class be added to the offerings through the Submit a Question function and we will discuss with the facility. You can also put in the request through your facility by contacting the programs manager or talking with the front desk.

Contact us through the Submit a Question link on this page and we can set up a call to discuss your interests and needs.

We are always looking for awesome instructors! Contact us through the Submit a Question link and tell us about your experience, what you would like to teach and where.

The short answer is yes; we will however need more information about the piece(s) you would like to fire before we can commit. Please reach out to your instructor or Submit a Question and we can discuss further.

We do provide some materials for sale. Your instructor will have a list of items. With that being said there are also a few places we recommend that provide excellent products as well as service depending on what you would like to purchase. Ask your instructor for information.

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