About us

In THE studio

We are a group of professional artisans with different specialties.
Joined together in the common goal of sharing our crafts with others.


Focused on creating
Happy Customers


Years combined

Our instructors are passionate and accomplished professionals in
their craft!

Each instructor works hard to provide a fun student experience with unique projects that help students explore their creativity in a focused environment.

  • Selected for their knowledge, ability and enthusiasm.
  • Trained in our teaching methodology in order to provide a consistent learning experience.
  • They are lifelong learners and know they don’t have all the answers. They are excited to see what you can create.
Our Founding Artisan

HELLO! I’M jen, founder & practicing artisan.
MY vision for The Cottage Artisan is to HELP You explore your creativity and have fun.

With a passion for artisan crafts and a background in training and development I decide to find a way to bring my interests together. I believe artisan craft classes should be fun, affordable, accessible and enable people from all walks of life to explore their creativity.

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